Who are we? 

 College Graphs was created in 2007 by a high school mathematics teacher of 30 years.  After many years of trying to meet a budget with limited resources and seeing countless students who could not afford graphing calculators, it was obvious that a new idea was needed.  That idea was to provide free mathematics software to all teachers and students.  That simple idea became our mission.  



How can we do this?

We are currently looking for a sponsor to pay the bills so teachers and students don't have to.  This project has been in the works for two years, so there are bills to pay, but we are committed to finding a sponsor so teachers and students do not have to pay!  To protect a potential sponsor's interest, users are currently required to have an active internet connection for the program to start execution.  After the program has started, the connection can become inactive, and the program will continue to run normally.  When a sponsor is found, this requirement will be dropped, and the sponsor's logo, etc. will become part of the program.  The new version of the program will not only be free and downloadable from this site, it should not require an active internet connection.  Until that time, we hope that the need for an internet connection is not an inconvenience.

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