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You have come to the right place!  Like other math software, our software is designed to do mathematics.  What is different is that it helps teachers teach students how to "do" mathematics by presenting math in a visual way.  Moreover, it does it in a user-friendly environment that requires no programming knowledge.  

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  • it graphs 2D, 3D, polar and parametric equations
  • polar and parametric equations have a "spider" that dynamically traces the graphs
  • it graphs implicitly-defined equations
  • it graphs equations that are not functions
  • it draws slider graphs that can leave shadows for easier interpretation
  • it draws slider graphs for virtually any function with as many as 4 parameters that can be adjusted with sliders
  • it draws graphs of conic sections as standard equations and as slider graphs 
  • it contains 4 composite function activities under the 'Function Theory' tab 
  • trig function graphs can have the x-axis marked in terms of π
  • the inverse of any equation can be graphed with one button-click
  • graphs can be captured to the clipboard or to disk for use in demonstrations, tests, etc.
  • functions:  practice graphing variations of y = f(x)
  • functions:  practice giving, in function notation, the equation of one graph in terms of a function whose graph is displayed 
  • functions:  practice giving the actual equation of a graph
  • functions:  capture student work for evaluation
  • regression equations -- including equations for data that includes negative abscissas and/or ordinates
  • visual construction of data with a mouse
  • descriptive statistics associated with single lists and lists of ordered pairs
  • statistical hypothesis testing (µ, σ2, and ρ) 
  • actual (not general) display of distribution functions
  • P-value representations
  • random number generator for several types of discrete and continuous random variables
  • reverse lookup for probabilities of several distribution functions
  • random number replication so all students can analyze the same data
  • vectors:  addition demonstrated with animation
  • vectors:  sums and/or cross-products calculated and displayed
  • vectors:  rotation in 3D to get the full perspective
  • matrices:  transpose, inverse, determinant, sum (when appropriate)
  • matrices:  generate systems of equations (consistent-independent, consistent-dependent, inconsistent)
  • matrices:  generate determinants for homework, tests, etc.
  • matrices:  practice with elementary row operations, including capturing work for evaluation
  • it generates sequences in the form of points or ordered pairs 
  • 20 step-by-step tutorial activities about using the program can be downloaded
  • hundreds of complete lesson plans can be downloaded
  • lesson plans are included in Help, so you can search for just the right plan
  • it's free!

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